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Rising Through Gratitude - Thank You Best in Singapore For Featuring Us

Gratitude has a powerful role to play in the workplace. And yet, gratitude often gets lost amidst day-to-day activities, interactions, and deadlines. I've learned over the years that the practice of gratitude can infiltrate the workplace and bring deeper connections with our colleagues at work and with the work itself.

Embracing a culture of gratefulness begins with recognising the good things and feeing thankful. Researchers in positive psychology have found that gratitude and happiness are always strongly correlated. Feeling gratitude can become muscle memory and part of our daily conscious memory. All that is necessary is a change of perspective, that is, to view our experiences, relationships and lives through a different lens.

Earlier in my career i came to believe offices are places where we are supposed to be transactional. I believed it was unprofessional to display emotions like forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude. But i've learnt that employees (myself included) prefer to work with companies and service partners who value appreciation and gratitude. According to an employee appreciation survey by Glassdoor, more than half (53%) of employees admit they would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciation from their boss.

Today, I would like to express my gratitude to Best in Singapore for mentioning us in their article on Best Career Coaches in Singapore. We are very grateful for this recognition, and it will reinforce our efforts to tune into positive events in life and make us 'pay it forward'.

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